JOVS industry-leading technology has undergone more than five years of extensive research and development in partnership with Stanford University’s BioADD Medical Laboratory. The basic components of JOVS came together after years of user research and design. We wish to offer the advantages that we have worked so hard to you directly. We enhance every part of your experience, from design to usage, and offer the greatest service at the greatest price.

We are JOVS the modern bridge to the virgin skin.





JOVS got the “RED DOT” design prize in 2020.

“JOVS unites a high level of practicality with a high level of aesthetic design excellence.” JOVS is a joy to touch because to its magnificent green color, elegant organic shape, and comfortable matt metal frame. With its exceptional design, JOVS Venus Pro is the first hair removal tool to get a Red Dot Design Award from Germany.


Joy Of Virgin Skin

JOVS was created with the goal of providing professional and well-designed beauty tools for easy and efficient usage at home.


Salons and spas are becoming increasingly popular in the United States and Canada. Consumers now have more control over their skin because to technological improvements. As beauty tools become more popular among young women and men, the need for faster and higher-end equipment has heightened the emphasis on more design and customisation. We want our developed devices to be user-friendly and provide our customers with a relaxing experience while treating their skin at home with no downtime.

In her lifetime, the average woman spends 72 days, or 1,728 hours, shaving her legs. It excludes all other bodily parts. JOVS provides an efficient hair removal solution, allowing you to use your time more productively.